Welcome to the website for Brent Todd. I am available for full time, part time, or contract work for any of your web needs. Please look around my site and if you have any questions please feel free to email me. This site will also be updated with news about the site, any sites I program, and me. 12345

Tuesday March 16, 2004 - I Own These fixes
Fixed some problems with I Own These. Added remembering of category and auto focus on the name field to make ease of entering multiple items much quicker and painless.
posted at 11:36 am

Tuesday January 6, 2004 - More security for TWR
I implemented a new voting system at TWR. The old system some how had a loop hole that people exploited to vote down certain sites. The new method requires a reader to login to cast a vote. This should prevent abuse.
posted at 09:16 am

Wednesday December 17, 2003 - Finished work...
I just finished the work for Force Fed Performance. I had to create a database and gui for them to enter information. As soon as I get the ok it will actually be uploaded onto their site in full working order.
posted at 10:09 am

Friday October 17, 2003 - New Feature for TWR
I implemented mod_rewrite for TWR. This is a great feature to figure out since it now means that TWR will be better optimized for search engines.
posted at 10:57 am

Thursday October 16, 2003 - Just found an article
I found an article talking about The Weblog Review. You can find it at http://www.npr.org/display_pages/features/feature_1220496.html. Its from May, but still, cool to find out about it.
posted at 09:28 pm